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Decide on the final venue
Have you picked somewhere that’s not too quiet and not too hectic; does it take any dietary requirements into account; is it somewhere that reflects your personality or lifestyle?.



Double check your date has all the details

Did you send them one last text to confirm time and place? Will you meet them outside or is the table under your name?



Check that you have all your essentials

Don’t be the person that turns up on a date without their wallet. Do you have your money? Keys? Phone? Mints? Lucky lipstick?



Text a friend

Does somebody know where you’ll be? Even if your date goes amazingly, you should always check in with someone, and if it doesn’t, then they can be your escape route!



Remember your affirmations

Yes, we know it might feel weird, but giving yourself an inspiring talking to before you head out is the best way to get your head in the game and help you make a good impression.



Read over your messages

It’s always worth refreshing yourself of a few key details, especially if nerves get the better of you. Where do they work? Which team do they support? What were they up to last weekend? Show that you’re genuinely interested in them and listen to what they tell you.

Never feel unprepared for a first date again by following these simple steps.
And don't forget to download our handy cut-out and keep checklist!
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