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• Attend an art exhibition

• Explore a local market

• Have a film night

• Visit a museum

• Cook together

• Explore a new area

• Play board games

• Go stargazing

• Play table tennis

• Take a long scenic walk

• Visit a record shop

• Volunteer

• Watch a sunset

• See a fireworks display

• Plan a road trip

• Make a blanket fort

• See some live music

• Go birdwatching


• Rent a bicycle and go on an adventure

• Visit the zoo

• Play mini golf

• Go bowling

• Head to a pub quiz

• Let loose at an arcade

• Watch a film at an outdoor cinema

• Take a picnic to the park

• Attend a comedy show

• Go to a roller disco

• Attend a food festival

• Take an art class

• Visit a cocktail bar

• Head to a coffee shop

• Work out at the gym

• Go to karaoke

• Take dance lessons

• Go for brunch

• Take a brewery tour

• Visit an aquarium

• Take a walking tour (or a ghost tour!)

• Visit an ice cream parlour

• Get lost in a maze

Download a printout of this list and never be stuck for date ideas again, whatever your budget!


• Go wine tasting

• Race go-karts

• Go to a football match

• Go to the ballet

• Watch a play

• Visit a theme park

• Relax at a spa

• Go to the opera

• Cross something off your bucket list

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